This Week with DBC

Week of June 10, 2017

Greetings DBC!

1. THIS Tuesday (tomorrow), June 11th @ 7:15pm - Foam Roller Demonstration under the gazebo, immediately after practices!!

2. Reminder: Meet & Greet "Happy Hour" THIS Thursday, June 13th!!  We will have a "Meet & Greet" Paddle, encouraging new and seasoned paddlers to join each other on the water.  **For the Meet & Greet Paddle, sign-up for the "Sr. Women's" practice online (regardless of age and gender).  Enjoy beer, wine, soda, and light snacks under the gazebo immediately after practice.  Please introduce yourself and make our (almost) novice graduates feel welcome!!  ALSO, drag your super supportive spouses/significant others to Happy Hour, too---Even our cheerleaders and supportive non-paddling family members are part of our DBC family, too! 

3. Monday, August 7th @ 6:30am - Coastal Rowing Studio Erg Class in Mt. P!!!  This is your chance to finally learn how to properly use the rowing machine!  Space is limited to 12 people---Please e-mail Monica ( to sign-up. 

Cost for Survivors: FREE

Cost for Community Supporters: $10/person

Week of June 28, 2017

1. Foam Roller Demonstration, again, THIS Thursday (tomorrow), June 29th @ 7:30pm -- Under the gazebo, immediately after practice!  Stephen Clipp, member of the Charleston Paddle Club has been a personal trainer for 27 years and practiced Chinese Medicine for 15. He has very graciously offered us a free seminar on how to use the foam roller. 

2. There are NO club practices next Tuesday, July 4th!!

3. Come one, Come all to a DBC Happy Hour Meet-n-Greet on Thursday, July 13 at 7pm at the dock.  Learn the names of your new friends with a beverage and river breeze.  For those practicing on Thursday, we'll be there to greet you with a cold one when you come off the water.  I hope to see you all there!

4. The Carolina Celebration Cup (CCC) is on Saturday, October 28.  We are already expecting at least 5 teams from our region to participate in a day of dragon boating, celebration and camaraderie.  

Week of June 5, 2017

2. Attention all DBC volunteer coaches, steers persons, and safety boat drivers: The Safety Transfer Box Demonstration is TONIGHT - Tuesday, June 6th at 7:30pm (immediately after practice) on the docks! This Safety Transfer Box will allow DBC to better accommodate paddlers with injuries and/or mobility limitations.

3. CPR/AED Certification class on Monday, June 19th 5-8pm.  Materials provided.  Seats are reserved for volunteer coaches, steers persons and safety boat drivers that still need training/re-certification.  Limited to 6 ppl (only 3 spots left). Please e-mail Monica ASAP ( to sign-up!! 

4. DBC's first 6-week Novice Program begins this Saturday, June 10th. We have a FULL 20 new paddlers registered and signed up to learn how to paddle for the next 6 weeks!! Novices will practice at 9:15 Saturday mornings. You're welcome to sign-up online to paddle with them (if there is an open seat in the boat).  If you see them on the docks, please greet them with a warm smile!!

5. Mark your calendars:
  • Carolina Celebration Cup (CCC) is on October 28th @ Trophy Lakes (Johns Island)
  • 4th Annual Prevention Palooza is November 11th

Announcements May 25, 2017

Greetings DBC!

1. Remember: Tonight's practices are at 5:30pm to allow volunteers to attend the  Festival Volunteer Appreciation Party!!

2. There will be a team Meeting for ALL Senior Women this Saturday (May 27th) at 10:30am at the Marriott!!

3. Attention all DBC volunteer coaches, steers persons, and safety boat drivers: The Safety Transfer Box Demonstration has been rescheduled (I know, I know.....FOR REAL this time) to Tuesday, June 6th at 7:30pm (immediately after practice) on the docks! This Safety Transfer Box will allow DBC to better accommodate paddlers with injuries and/or mobility limitations.

4. CPR/AED Certification class on Monday, June 19th 5-8pm.  Materials provided.  Seats are reserved for volunteer coaches, steers persons and safety boat drivers that still need training/re-certification.  Limited to 6 ppl. Please e-mail Monica ASAP ( to sign-up!! 

5. Peace Paddles are BACK this season!! Enjoy a peaceful and relaxing paddle, fully embracing the views, dolphins (hopefully), and sunset! Below are dates and times of this year's Peace Paddles---Please sign-up online!! Each of these will be on our website to sign-up for the week of the given date. 

  • June 25th @ 7pm 
  • July 30th @  7pm 
  • August 27th @ 6:00pm 
  • September 24th @ 5:30pm 
  • October 29th @ 4:30pm 
6.  A quick personal message to all of our Festival volunteers:  I am extremely appreciative for each and every one of you.  You make me want to work even harder. Our festival wouldn't be anywhere close to the reputation that it has without your countless hours, dedication, and passion for DBC.  From the very bottom of my heart, thank you for ALL that you do.  I am so sorry I will miss celebrating with you at Bowen's, but I promised my son a trip to Sesame Place (Sesame Street-themed amusement park) a long time ago.  Please have an extra drink for me! Cheers!!!!   ~Monica

7. LOST & (hopefully) FOUND:  Kathy Penick is missing her custom-ordered pink and black paddle bag. It has Chinese characters on the strap and has her name and e-mail address on it. She thinks she may have left it in the dock box but no sign of it since. Please e-mail Kathy ( if you have any info. 

Thanks all!!


Announcements February 27, 2017

1.  If you are new to the club within the last two years please email the following to Meagan at by Wednesday, March 1.  
  • name
  • email
  • address
  • type of cancer or n/a
2.  THIS Saturday, March 4th is our Gazebo Brunch and Winter Fitness Finale & Awards immediately after a paddle @ 9:15am.  In addition to the Puerto Rico race team practices, we invite anyone and everyone to come down and get your paddles wet at 9:15am. Sign-up for practice online!!

3.  BCS Paddlers - DBC will be presenting to the MUSC BCS wellness group on Monday, March 13.  Please email if you are available to share your story with the group around 5:30pm.  We will also need about 5 BCS paddlers to paddle and cheer the group on when we take them out on March 20.  Let Meagan know if you're available.

4. IMPORTANT "Save the Date" for all DBC Coaches, Steerspersons & Safety Boat Drivers:  There will be a SAFETY MEETING on the docks on Saturday, March 11th@ 10:30am-12:30pm.  This is to ensure everyone is all on the same page before our new season is in full swing and we strongly encourage that you're there! 
  • 10:30-11:30am is reserved for DBC's portion of safety reviews, rules, reminders, etc….
  • 11:30-12:30pm - Joe from Adaptive Expeditions is providing a demonstration of the transfer box

Announcements February 7, 2017

1.  Officially into Week 6 of the Winter Fitness Challenge - Only 3 more weeks to go and all 4 teams are CRUSHING it!!  Points are still being tallied from Week 5, but attached are the team placements for Weeks 1-4!  The Pleasant Palms are in the lead as of last week (*will send out the most up-to-date graph soon)!

2. Mark your calendars:  DBC Gazebo Brunch & Winter Fitness Awards Ceremony on Saturday, March 4th!  There will be Cardio & Technique practices at 9:15am to those itching to put their paddle back in the water—Gazebo brunch will take place immediately after (around 10:30).  We are also inviting all of our participating families from Courageous Kidz to come paddle and join us that morning to celebrate the end of another winter and beginning of a new season!!

3.  All paddlers at the SRDBA Regional Dragon Boat Races in Sarasota will need to be members of SRDBA (Southeast Regional Dragon Boat Association).  It is a $15 membership.  Of course, we do not know which DBC teams will be going to Regionals yet, but you may want to get your SRDBA membership just in case.

4.  Attached are programs offered by the Roper Cancer Center.

5.  People are asking about 2017 race selections and practice schedule.  All of this is posted on the website at

6.  The Policy Manual is also posted on the website.  All club members are responsible for reading the manual.  It is also attached here.

7.  Upcoming meetings...The DBC Safety and Equipment committee is meeting tonight, as is the new Communications Committee.  The DBC Board of Directors is meeting tomorrow night.   All meeting dates are posted on the DBC calendar on the website.   If you have any questions about these committees, please let Meagan know at

Announcements December 30, 2016

We wish you all a very happy and healthy 2017!  Please read some updates and reminders below:

1.  The link to the DBC calendar is below.  You can also access this calendar via the DBC website under Upcoming Programs and Events.  This calendar will be kept current with activities, practices and races, as well as committee and board meeting dates.  

2.  Don't forget about the DBC Membership meeting on January 19 at 6pm at the Gazes Thurmond Building across from the MUSC Wellness Center at the corner of Courtenay and Doughty.  At this meeting we will be:  voting for board members, reviewing DBC financials, and members will have the opportunity to sign up for various committees.

3.  Don't forget to send Meagan your nominations for the DBC Board of Directors by January 2, 2017.  Send them to

4.  Attached you will find the 2017 Club Waiver.  This must be signed and returned before getting in a DBC boat.  You can sign/scan and email back to or bring it to the membership meeting.  You can also mail it to DBC, 1643 Savannah Hwy. #261, 29407.

Also, if you do not have a cancer diagnosis, your dues are $100 per year.  Dues can be paid at the membership meeting or mailed to the address above.

5.  Last, but not least, I have attached (again) the Winter Fitness Handbook. I think we all really need to hand it to Monica.  She built an incredible program of opportunities to keep us healthy in body and mind.  I bet there isn't another Dragon Boating organization that provides this level of off-water fitness.  

It makes me grateful to be a part of a club with the resources to offer this level of programming, go to as many races as we attend, offer as many practices as we offer, as well as all of our team dinners, dock brunches, mini-parties, CCC, Prevention-Palooza, the FAB annual oyster roast, Peace Paddles and SO MUCH MORE.  So, thanks to our volunteers, our vibrant and active members, our generous donors, the Bristol Marina and everyone else who enables us to...BE SO AWESOME!!!!

Again, HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you!!! 2017 is going to ROCK

Announcements from December 28, 2016

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!!


1. The Holiday Erg Challenge is over and 21 brave DBCr’s took the challenge on.  Fourteen of the 21 made the 100,000 meter mark (with quite a few surpassing the mark by a lot) for a team total of 1,967,498 meters between Nov. 24 and Dec 24th.   That is a lot of time on the erg!  Way to go everyone who took the challenge on.  New challenge is coming up in January (as many meters as the team can erg in January) and all you have to do is sign up on Concept 2 website and sign up for the Dragon Boat Charleston Paddles and Pearls Team –(anyone can join- just the name that was entered).


2. Winter Fitness Challenge & Activities officially begin Sunday, Jan. 1st!! Attached is a copy of the Winter Fitness Challenge Handbook.  Remember, you don't have to be on a team in order to participate in any of the winter fitness activities!!

3. Steersfest!!  Rob Blyth is leading steers person training for anyone interested!  There will be 4 exclusive sessions (when you're not steering, you're paddling) on Feb. 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th @ 9:15-10:15am. Feb. 4th is open to ANYONE remotely interested in giving steering a shot---If you decide it's not your thing, there's no obligation to come back for the remaining 3 sessions. You will be able to sign-up for steers person training on our website (just like signing up for a practice) beginning the week of Jan. 30th. 

4.  DBC is working on a calendar that has up-to-date events, winter fitness activities, club practices, committee meetings, etc.... We understand the link we sent out last week isn't working so we're tinkering with a couple things and will re-share it very soon.   

Announcements from December 22, 2016

The moment you have all been waiting for!!!  DBC's release of our 4th annual Winter Fitness Challenge---Officially beginning on Sunday, Jan. 1st!! 

THANK YOU to 2017's winter fitness team captains:  Debra Lee Baugh, Madelyn Graf, Betty Pigott, & Cindy Sommers. They will each be working very hard leading their teams to victory!!

Remember that you don't have to be on a team in order to participate in all the fabulous winter fitness activities/programs scheduled!  

Cost for Survivors:  Free!
Cost for Non-Survivors:  $50 -  If you haven't done so already, please snail mail a check written out to DBC to: 

Dragon Boat Charleston 
1643 Savannah Hwy. #261
Charleston, SC 29407

Also, check out our brand new DBC calendar which includes all club-related activities, practices, committee meetings, etc.  We will continue to update this calendar, but all winter fitness activities have been added with point values and descriptions.  **ONLY focus on events in January-February for winter fitness!!!   Please mark this site as a "favorite" so that you can reference this frequently.  


Thanks all!!  Let the games begin one week from Sunday!!  :)
/dnn/Portals/0/DBC Winter Training Challenge Handbook 2017.pdf

Announcements from December 16, 2016

Your DBC Board of Directors has four members rolling off in 2017. Those members are Steve Allen (VP), JoAnn Anthony (Secretary), Lucy Spears (survivor liaison) and Stephanie Oppenheimer (member at large).  I know I speak for the entire club when I thank them for their leadership, their time and their wisdom in helping to guide our club.  It's not an easy job!

The Nominating Committee (made up of Board Pres., VP and a DBC member) has a slate of Board nominees (listed below) to be voted on by membership at our meeting on January 19.   

The next step in the process is that the DBC membership can nominate people to add to the slate of candidates.  Please send your nominees to by January 2, 2017.

Current nominees for the DBC Board of Directors are:  

Maria Copses 
Jim Carroll
Cynthia Smalls
Lucy Spears

If you have any questions, please contact Meagan at  See you all at the oyster roast TOMORROW at 3pm at 1459 River Road.  PLEASE try to carpool!

Announcements and Updates from Week of December 12, 2016

1.  It has come to our attention that some of our acronyms are confusing.  So, I'm going to define them week by week over the winter.  If you're ever at home feeling confused, please just email Meagan at or Monica at  We're here to help!!!

ACS?  What does that mean?  You hear people talking about it, but you're not sure what it is...ACS stands for All Cancer Survivor.  DBC is an ACS club.   When the club was founded way back in 2003, it was founded as an ACS club that serves individuals with all cancers.  We usually go to one or two ACS races per year, meaning that the team is made up of men and women with a variety of cancer diagnoses.  In 2016 we sent  ACS teams to Colorado and Beaufort.

2.  The oyster roast is coming right up on Saturday, starting at 3pm.  PLEASE TRY TO CARPOOL.  This is important!  Please plan on picking up some friends and driving together.  Even more importantly...DESIGNATE a SOBER driver!  The address is 1459 River Road on Johns Island.  Party starts at 3pm.  

Please bring an item or two for the outreach center at Our Lady of Mercy.  Needed items include: 

- Sheets (sorted by size)
- New underwear for kids and adults.
-Grape Jelly
-Boxed Pasta
-Juice ( large bottle)
-Pasta Sauce
-Canned Fruit (no sugar added)
-Peanut Butter

3.  I hope your calendars are marked for our Annual Membership Meeting on Thursday, January 19 at 6pm at the Gazes Thurmond building at the corner of Courtenay and Doughty/across from the MUSC Wellness Center.  We will be voting on board members, presenting important information for the 2017 season, and much more!

Announcements and Updates from Week of December 5, 2016

1. One week in and DBC has 20 people active in the Erg Challenge for a group total of 629,242 meters!   Shout outs to Barbara Moyer, Laura Francis JoAnn Anthony, Betty Maher and Vicki Oneil for leading the charge with individual meters over 30,000-  Great job to all that have signed on.  It’s not too late for anyone to join the challenge!

2. You have spoken & we have listened!!!  Effective THIS Saturday, Dec. 10th, DBC practices will be at 9:00am through the winter.  You will notice that there are 2 focuses listed to sign-up for (High Intensity & Technique)---Please sign up for your preferred focus week-to-week. 

3.  By now you are all eagerly anticipating the 9th Annual Oyster Roast at Louise and Noreen's beautiful home on Saturday, December 17 at 3pm.  Every year we collect items for Our Lady of Mercy's outreach program.  Their wish list is below.  There will be a truck near the parking area where you can drop off your donations.

-Towels, Sheets (sorted by size), New underwear for kids and adults, Grape Jelly, Saltines, Boxed Pasta, Juice ( large bottle), Pasta Sauce, Grits, Rice, Canned Fruit (no sugar added), Peanut Butter

4.  Several of you replied to this email address (dbccommunications) to rsvp for the Practice Schedule Workshop on Thursday.  Unfortunately, we do not check this address for incoming messages and you were supposed to email  So, if you have not heard from Meagan directly, you're going to have to sit this one out.  We have a full list of 20 people signed up for the workshop.  However, if you would like to send Monica a mock practice schedule, please feel free to send it to her at and she will make sure it is considered.  

5.  Have any of you had experience with an oral chemotherapy in pill form?  Louise has a friend starting it and she would love to talk to someone who has been through it.  Please email her at

Announcements and Updates from Week of November 27, 2016

  • There will be a Practice Schedule Workshop on Thursday, December 8 from 6-7pm at the West Ashley Andolini's on Sam Rittenberg.  The first 20 people to email me at can come and work in small groups on actual practice schedule models.  The models will be shared and considered when making the final practice schedule.

There will be a ONE HOUR gathering at my house in West Ashley (address below) on Thursday, December 8 from 6-7pm.  The first 20 people to email me at can come and work in small groups on actual practice schedule models.  

So, if you'd like to work on this with us, please email me at  Thanks!

There will be a ONE HOUR gathering at my house in West Ashley (address below) on Thursday, December 8 from 6-7pm.  The first 20 people to email me at can come and work in small groups on actual practice schedule models.  

So, if you'd like to work on this with us, please email me at  Thanks!

As a 501(c)3, DBC relies on the generosity of donors and sponsors to help fund its programs for the Charleston community.


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