The health of our Members is our Priority!  Currently we are requiring boosters. We are happy to be back in the boats!  Steps for getting back  the boats is here:

  •  Independent Vaccination Form Ready to get back in the boat?  Members who meet the requirements for retuning to the boat should complete the Independent Vaccination Form.
  •  Once deemed eligible they will receive a link to practice signups directly from staff.
  • Pre-Program COVID Questionnaire Take this quiz to see if you are safe to attend a DBC program or practice.

Dragon Boat Charleston Club Guidelines for Practice:

  • Individuals must wear a US Coast Guard approved, adjusted and fastened, personal floatation device (PDF) at all times while on the water.
  • A safety boat/driver, must be in the water for the entire practice and a steersperson must be in the boat at all times.
  • Practice will be called in the event of Coast Guard/DNR weather warnings and advisories that the river or other location where we will be paddling might be dangerous for paddlers, including some small craft advisories, hurricane conditions, and other.
  • Staff reserves the right to cancel practice in the event of severe weather conditions. When conditions are questionable a decision can be made on the dock. Dock decisions are at the discretion of the volunteers (safety boat, steersperson, and coach).  All volunteers must unanimously agree that conditions are safe in order to proceed with practice.
  • Staff and volunteers will consider many variables including wind, current, fog/visibility, extreme temperatures and number and experience of paddlers.
  • When possible, Saturday practice will be called by 3 pm on Friday. However, given the constantly changing conditions, paddlers should assume practice is on as scheduled but know that it is always a possibility to call the practice on the docks for safety concerns.
  • In all cases, as with practice during the summer months, individuals should exercise their own discretion and judgment in determining if they should participate in a practice.

Helpful Links:

Volunteer Links:

DBC eligible steers, coaches and boat drivers will also need to complete the individual vaccine form and then will receive the weekly signup to volunteer.